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Volleyball Canada
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For a long time, volleyball games in YMCAs in Toronto and Montreal were the only organized manifestations of the sport in Canada. It was only in 1953 when the Canadian Volleyball Association, the nation’s governing body for the sport was founded, following Canada’s membership in FIVB. The association was then divided into three regions: Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal.

1959 marked Canada’s first international volleyball exposure took place during the Pan-American Games in Chicago. In 1976, both Canadian Men’s and Women’s Teams participated in the Olympics for the first time as the host country. In 1984, the Canadian Men’s Team qualified for the Olympic Games –the first in Canadian history – where they finished fourth overall. Moreover, the country’s Men’s Standing Disabled Team also played in the World Championships in 2002 and won first place, which marked Canada’s first gold medal in the sport

Now, more than 50 years after it was founded, the association is renamed as Volleyball Canada and oversees more than 80,000 members. Volleyball Canada’s regions are now drawn along provincial/territorial lines and take in the whole of Canada.