Northern Ireland Volleyball Association


Northern Ireland Volleyball Association


The Northern Ireland Volleyball Association (NIVA) traces its beginnings in 1970 through a group of enthusiastic schoolteachers and youth workers. The group went on to organize a men’s league in 1975 and the first women’s competitions in 1977.

The first NIVA’s men’s team officially competed in 1976 against the Republic of Ireland’s team. The men’s team went on to compete in its first ever (and so far, only) official tournament in the Commonwealth Championships, held in England in 1981. The women’s team, on the other hand, first competed with England in 1983 for the West European Spring Cup.

In 1985, NIVA and the Volleyball Association of Ireland worked together to organize an All Ireland Top 4 teams tournament, in collaboration with TriSport Belfast. NIVA’s men’s team served as the inaugural winners in their category.

To date, NIVA has been holding courses and clinics for coaches and referees annually. NIVA also sponsored an FIVB course in 1998.