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Scottish Rugby’s administrators admitted to having a rough year in 2004. Financial losses in 2003-2004 amounting to £8.4 million due to the lack of a detailed long-term plan led the Union’s board of directors to rethink its current business model.

It was indeed a bleak year for Scottish Rugby, as even team performance was below expectations. Even after qualifying for the RWC quarterfinals and securing a place in the 2007 games, the retirement of some of Scottish Rugby’s notable coaches apparently had a huge impact on the international team’s performance.

With these, Scottish Rugby is instituting changes to improve organizational and team performances. To streamline all its efforts and refine its long-term strategies, Scottish Rugby has commissioned an external consultant. It is currently focused in promoting the ERC Cups and the Celtic League to enjoin more people to play rugby. The Union also aims to improve the women’s team by implementing an all-inclusive approach to rugby in Scotland.

The Union was thus far successful in bringing major rugby events in Scotland, securing the host nation status for the Rugby World Cup. UEFA matches are also in the pipeline until 2005. Interest in rugby also increased in 2003 to 28.7% in 2003, compared to 16% in 2000, according to surveys.