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Irish Rugby Football Union
Rule and regulations:

The Irish Rugby Football Union resulted from the unification of the Irish Football Union and the Northern Football Union of Ireland in 1879. Before the two unions joined forces, the Irish Football Union then controlled clubs in Leinster, Munster and parts of Ulster; while the Northern Football Union of Ireland administered clubs in the Belfast area.

The Irish Rugby Football Union now manages all matters concerning rugby in the country. It has satellite offices in Leinster, Munster, and Ulster. A Council, made up of six representatives from each province, runs the Union. Currently, the Union manages a national league of 50 senior clubs. To date, there are about 60,000 players in Ireland, mostly distributed among the following: 56 clubs in the Ulster Branch; 71 in the Leinster Branch; 59 in the Munster Branch, and 19 in the Connacht Branch. In addition, there are 246 Schools playing rugby, Ulster (107), Leinster (75), Munster (41) and Connacht (23).